Color Spotlight {Green}

New Color Spotlight today…GREEN!  Green is so IN right now.  In our opinion though, green has ALWAYS been in.  It’s the color of nature and bringing nature in to the design of your home instantly breathes life in to any space.  We’ve been using this color in a few projects recently and, looking back, in pretty much all of our projects in some way!

Color Spotlight Green.png

Most recently, we went really bold with green.  Using a bold, rich version of any color is a great way to make a statement in your design.  The hard materials in this wine room were all neutral - brick, wood, shiplap, glass, iron - so we decided to use a lush dark green velvet to cover comfy swivel chairs. They really gave this room the PUNCH it desperately needed!  We are guessing the first conversation between guests in this space is about the color choice of the chairs!

12540 Sibley Lane_Low Res-3.jpg

In another recent project, we used green in a fresh and modern way.  This time, with paint!  But not in the expected way people use paint to add color to a room (clue: the walls!). Instead, we used a calm, light green to paint the built-ins and mantel on the focal wall. We pulled the color out in to the space with custom pillows in the same shade of light green.  We kept the rest of the room neutral but very textural - brown leather couches, cream and brown cowhide ottomans, soft patterned roman shades and accent pillows, and cream linen chairs.  Let’s not forget about the STUNNING artwork!  We call her Bessie.

2019-03.Hart&Lock.TrademarkBuilding.web (1 of 41).jpg

Green is a color that has a WIDE spectrum.  We pulled a light mint green from an incredible bird patterned wallpaper to create a unique dining room.  Dining rooms are a great spot to introduce a funky wallpaper since its usually only on a half to a quarter of the wall -  the bottom section of the walls in dining rooms usually have some type of moulding treatment - so the effect is not too overpowering. 

2019-03.Hart&Lock.TrademarkBuilding.web (11 of 41).jpg

Adding plants to a space is the easiest way to achieve that ALIVE feel you want to create by incorporating green.  You can take a boring bookshelf up a notch by interspersing plants with books and other objects.


Green is also a great compliment to blue!  The bight green of the bottles and soft green in the plant, mesh so nicely with the blue cabinets.

5056 Belair Bluff Court_Low Res-20.jpg

We used very classic shades of green in classic patterns for the fabric choices in this boys bedroom.

701 Cheswich Overlook_Low Res-19.jpg
701 Cheswich Overlook_Low Res-22.jpg

Green is a color that seems “out of the box” for people. Don’t be scared to get out of that box!  Experiment with color in your home in unexpected ways and you won’t be disappointed.  

We’d love to help you stretch your color limits!  Give us a call!

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Incorporating Art in Your Home

Art is the most subjective part of our job.  When presenting a client with art, we always provide the most options because you never know what type of art will speak to someone!

Incorporating art into the design of your home is so important.  It’s a way to let your personality SHINE! And, not to mention, have some great conversation starters.

Incorporating Art in Your Home.jpg

Let’s talk about a few categories of art that you’d want to have in your home: Paintings & Prints, Word Art, Sculptural & Unique Wall Hangings and Local Artists.

Paintings & Prints

Paintings and prints is the go-to category when people think about hanging something on their wall.  And we don’t blame them!  There is something for everyone and it’s also a great way to finish out a color story in a room.  We love the way the soft pastels in this landscape painting bring out the corals and creams used in this breakfast nook.

12540 Sibley Lane_Low Res-80.jpg

We also love using this medium to add whimsy in a kid space.  How fun are these black and white paintings of a fox and hound?


And don’t forget about this eye-catching print we shared in the basement post last week.  Talk about conversation starter!

4060 Felton Circle_Low Res-18.jpg

Word Art

Word Art is not an industry term, but the type of art we are describing has definitely been a popular choice over the past few years!  This is art in the form of a painting or print that consists largely of words. These pieces usually feature a famous quote, song lyrics, an excerpt from a book or even just a single word.  When using this type of art to display in your home, make sure to pick something meaningful to your family.  Like we mentioned earlier, art that creates conversation is interesting and a great way to express your individual style!

The sweet sentiment of this excerpt from the Velveteen Rabbit, displayed simply in a client’s sunroom, is a testament to the values the family wants to instill in their children. 

2019-03.Hart&Lock.TrademarkBuilding.web (8 of 41).jpg

And a quote about dreamers above a bed in a guest bedroom is pure perfection!

16430 Waxmyrtle Rd_Low Res-14.jpg

Sculptural & Unique Wall Hangings

Art doesn’t have to fit into a frame!  Step outside your comfort zone when thinking about hanging art.  Even if someone else hasn’t thought about hanging it, and it doesn’t  have a hook on the back, you can still figure out a way to hang it.  These types of pieces in a home really make it unique. 

We love sourcing unique pieces like these Ju Ju Hats to add texture and interest to a space!

12540 Sibley Lane_Low Res-1.jpg

A line of flying ceramic birds above a teenage girl’s bed symbolized the journey she would soon embark on - leaving the nest and spreading her wings!


This seating nook was the perfect spot for a wooden cutout of the state of Kentucky in a bourbon and horse racing lover’s basement!

2018-10.Hart&Lock.web (13 of 24).jpg

Why not hang a vintage basket near your front door? The natural texture makes the bright white space feel cozy!

12540 Sibley Lane_Low Res-9 copy.jpg

Local Artists

We are all more and more conscious of “buying local” and supporting individuals that go out on their own and follow their passions.  That’s why farmer’s markets and boutiques touting local jewelry, wine, cheese, etc have become so popular!  One way to support these individuals is through art.  Did you know there are SO MANY talented artists out there you can buy art from?  Right here in the south are an abundance of such artists.  One we have been following for a while now, Laurie Buck, creates BEAUTIFUL art that would complement any room.  This gorgeous vignette has us drooling! 

“a world of sweets and sours” Laurie Buck

“a world of sweets and sours” Laurie Buck

An original, or print, from a local artist adds so much depth to a space.  Check out Instagram and Etsy and find an artist in your area to support!

All in all, finding the right art is a huge undertaking!  Honestly though, it’s also one of our favorite parts because it usually shows off a part of the homeowner’s personality that we would never have uncovered!

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Entertainer's Dream Basement

It’s College Football season and that means ONE thing - BASEMENTS are in high rotation on the entertaining circuit!

Entertainer's Dream.jpg

Today’s basement is the ULTIMATE college football watching space and the couple that lives here are the ultimate college football fans.  They may not always root for the same team, but they agree that this space made their entertaining dreams come true.  We couldn’t agree more!

Like the previous basement, we started on this project while it was still in an unfinished, raw state.  This is a best case scenario for designers because then we can be involved in layout and finishes from the beginning based on our shared vision of the final design.  It just makes the outcome more cohesive and intentional!  Basements are where we most often come across a completely unfinished space.  And while there are often structural or mechanical challenges, it’s pretty much a blank canvas!

There was a large amount of space in this basement so we incorporated a lot of textures to the main seating area to make it feel cozy and inviting.  Two rich brown leather couches and linen wingback chairs that envelope their guests created an intimate, yet substantial seating setup. A patchwork cowhide rug that not only feels great, but creates visual interest grounded the arrangement.  We also added a live edge bar along a crisp white shiplap wall as an extra landing zone for guests to set down a drink and watch the game or chat with friends. 

16430 Waxmyrtle Rd_Low Res-28.jpg

And check out the beautiful built-in entertainment unit!

16430 Waxmyrtle Rd_Low Res-47.jpg

Right off the entertaining space is the bar.  This was the perfect area to incorporate an accent wall - or three!  Brick is a classic choice and fit nicely with the overall aesthetic. We also wanted to evoke a wine cellar/whiskey room feel in the bar area.  The detailing on the front of the bar and wooden bar stools accomplished the look without being too overt.

16430 Waxmyrtle Rd_Low Res-40.jpg

Three little girls also live in this house and definitely needed a girly space to call their own!  We did an over the top bright and girly wallpaper accent wall, colorful rug, and soft pastel bean bag chairs in the playroom and the girls were over the moon!  For added function and storage, we had a custom built-in shelving unit and desk area for homework installed.  You can just imagine the GIGGLING that happens in this space!

16430 Waxmyrtle Rd_Low Res-7.jpg
16430 Waxmyrtle Rd_Low Res-12.jpg

One of our favorite spots, and one that we’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on, is this basement bathroom.  The dark navy shiplap against bright white tile makes this bathroom a SHOWSTOPPER!  We also love the patterned floor tile, which we inset into the shower shelf too, and gold finishes on the hardware and shower heads. 

16430 Waxmyrtle Rd_Low Res-1.jpg

We added some fun touches like a waterfall of rock tile along the shower head wall, rock tile on the floor, and a unique towel rack.

16430 Waxmyrtle Rd_Low Res-4.jpg

It’s been so fun sharing two of our favorite basements with you this week! Let us know if you have a basement project coming up!  We’d love to help!

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California Cool Basement

Last week we showcased the color blue {a client fave!} in different spaces we’ve worked on.  This week we want to expand on one of the projects featured in that post and talk about BASEMENTS

Sometimes a client requests a certain color scheme, and sometimes they let you in on their VIBE.  This couple had spent a good bit of time in California and wanted their basement to reflect that casual and modern aesthetic that California is known for.

California Cool Basement.jpg

We came in right at the get go with this client, working hand in hand with Trademark Building Co. to configure and create just the right space for this couple and their two school age kids.  Since the space was unfinished, the sky was the limit!  The couple mainly wanted entertaining areas, including a bar and welcoming gathering spots to spend time with their friends and family.  

The main areas were open, but a little reconfiguration needed to be done with the space towards the back of the basement which we wanted to turn into a bar.  After taking down a wall, our first hurdle was deciding how to incorporate a structurally needed beam in to the design.  Our solution?  We used the columns as anchors for a live edge wooden bar and turned the ceiling soffit into a faux industrial beam!

4060 Felton Circle_Low Res-4.jpg

And if you are wondering…WHAT IS THAT GORGEOUS WALL TREATMENT??…we feel you!  We treated all three walls in the bar area with a contoured square pattern using molding for a fresh and modern look.  Then, to create more depth and interest on the back wall that would also bounce much needed light around, we filled the contoured squares with mirrored subway tile.  The overall effect turned out breathtaking! 

4060 Felton Circle_Low Res-7.jpg

The next area to tackle was the wine bar/lounge area. These hanging beds, made with fabric dyed in Africa, make this the perfect conversation area and a truly one of a kind room.  The ombre, beaded chandelier and wine bar surrounded by beautiful and classic wallpaper only add to the whimsy of this space.  Can’t you just see a couple of ladies lounging, sipping wine and enjoying this spot?

4060 Felton Circle_Low Res-22.jpg
4060 Felton Circle_Low Res-29.jpg

Oh, and meet this regal lady…she’s part of the conversation too!

Swan Up Close.png

You can’t entertain all the time, so there also needed to be a space where the family could come and relax, snuggle, and watch a movie on a low key Friday night.  

The large sectional adorned with fluffy custom pillows make this room so cozy! We wanted this room to feel comfortable, but also to keep everything light and airy since windows were lacking in this basement.  We kept the walls light, the couch and pillow fabrics calm and neutral (and also wipeable!), and had a custom floating cabinet built by Summit Design Co. below the TV to house electronics. 

4060 Felton Circle_Revisions_Low Res-7.jpg
4060 Felton Circle_Low Res-23.jpg

When entertaining is your main objective, you don’t want your guests to have to wander through the house in search of a bathroom.  You also don’t want the bathroom to disappoint!

4060 Felton Circle_Low Res-18.jpg

I’d say this bathroom lives up to the hype!  Blue and white geometric tile, intermixed with custom barn wood treatments, and simple white subway tile make this space anything but boring.  

And pulling it all together in a fun and unexpected way, THAT print! Just two gals sunbathing somewhere in sunny California!

4060 Felton Circle_Low Res-19.jpg

Last but not least, the family needed a room that could be used as a guest room but also another seating area when not in use.  We created this casual, yet functional, space using a pullout sofa, a unique floor to ceiling wall treatment and custom built barn doors. 

4060 Felton Circle_Low Res-36.jpg
4060 Felton Circle_Low Res-32.jpg

Come back tomorrow as we feature another basement project!

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Color Spotlight {Blue}

No offense to gray, but color is BACK and it’s bolder than ever!  That’s why, over the next few months, we want to highlight some of our favorite colors and share how we’ve used those colors in our projects.  Starting with blue seemed like the perfect choice!  Blue is such a versatile and iconic color - it can be classic, moody, light & airy, gender neutral (or specific!) and used in just about any room of your house. 

Color Spotlight Blue.jpg

Painting walls is the definition of instant gratification and can completely change the atmosphere of a room.  It is, by far, the easiest way to bring color in to a room.  It can also be the hardest!!  Choosing the right color for a room is more than just randomly picking from a set of paint swatches.  You have to consider the mood you want, the size of the room, what other hard materials you will be using and what furniture and accessories you have planned for the space.  Don’t be afraid to push the envelope!  You CAN use a dark color in a small room, shiplap DOESN’T have to be white and it’s FUN to paint the unexpected!  Painting in different shades of deep blues is our favorite way to create mood in a room.

The Navy painted shiplap in this bathroom is dark and moody, but it’s a statement against the crisp white countertop, shower and floor tiles.  

16430 Waxmyrtle Rd_Low Res-1.jpg

This office is the perfect example of how painting the walls can set the tone - we painted the molding and built-ins (and walls of course!) a steely blue to create a masculine and interesting feel to this office. 

2019-03.Hart&Lock.TrademarkBuilding.web (9 of 41).jpg

You don’t always have to go all out with your color of choice! Sometimes a pop of color in the right place, on the right fabric or accessory, does the trick.  Blue is also such a great color to mix different shades in the same space.  In a recent basement project, the client asked for a modern, but cozy “California” vibe.  We wanted to incorporate blue to evoke feelings of the ocean and a sense of calm without being over the top.  We used all different shades of lighter toned blues to get the effect we wanted without coming across as beachy.  

The ombre curtains and beaded chandelier were to DIE for!! 

4060 Felton Circle_Revisions_Low Res-5.jpg

Lastly, just a touch of blue can go a long way!  We love adding in a POP of blue in an otherwise neutral space.  On the back of a bookshelf it creates depth and an instant backdrop for neutral accessories, on a fun piece of art it can bring a needed bit of WOW to a space, and as an unexpected color on a piece of furniture it makes a room feel more unique.

5056 Belair Bluff Court_Low Res-39.jpg
701 Cheswich Overlook_Low Res-24.jpg
5056 Belair Bluff Court_Low Res-4.jpg

Blue has been popular in design for CENTURIES and, as you can see, has quickly become a client favorite!  

Have you ever noticed the blue ceilings on the front porch of old southern homes?  One old wives tale is that it keeps the wasps at bay, another is that it keeps the evil spirits away.  Either way, that pale blue detail is so nostalgic and sweet!

What about the Greek Islands?  They are known for the gorgeous architecture perched on the cliffs in blue and white!  Some assume it has to do with the Greek flag, which later did become true, but originally it was practical - blue was the easiest color to create out of household products most people already owned!

The Chinese have been adorning their porcelain using cobalt ore for centuries!  This type of porcelain has been copied and manufactured to use in interior design all over the world.  It’s always a timeless look.

We’d love to hear how you use blue in your home!  

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5 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

Welcome to Hart & Lock Design’s Blog!  We are so excited to start sharing our process with you, featuring lots of Before & Afters, and giving some tips along the way!  

Before we get started sharing projects in the weeks to come, we wanted to share our Top 5 Reasons for Hiring an Interior Designer.  A lot of people are unsure of what we really do and why and when they might need our services.

5 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer.jpg


Are you looking around your home and mentally cataloging all the rooms you’d like to really make your own or bring up to date?  

When you buy a resale, odds are you made some concessions.  You thought, “down the road we will fix up this powder room, update the kitchen, renovate the master bath, or finish the basement.”  There might be a wall that needs to come down to really open up a space or a new configuration of a room that will work better for your family.  But these types of renovations are overwhelming, we get it!

WHERE and HOW do you start?  We are here to help.

We offer design services specifically for renovations.  Let us take the stress out of designing a new layout, picking out hard materials such as countertops and tile, and then adding in the finishing touches such as light fixtures, fabrics, wallpaper and paint.  We can even help you find a contractor and work with them to make sure the project goes smoothly.

We took this basement from studs to the ultimate entertaining space!

16430 Waxmyrtle Rd_Low Res-49.jpg
16430 Waxmyrtle Rd_Low Res-40.jpg


Building your dream home?  Let us help!  It takes a lot of time and energy picking out materials and finishes when building a home.  Having someone there to keep track of everything and make sure that there is a cohesive design plan can be extremely helpful.  

Our new construction design services include being with you every step of the way to make sure the hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of decisions made are perfect for your investment.  The materials, fixtures and finishes are carefully curated and organized by our team and given to the contractor in a timely manner to keep things running smoothly.  

This kitchen was one of our favorite new construction projects!



Did you just finish your basement or move in to a bigger house and now have completely empty spaces in your home?  Don’t let them stay empty!  It’s so hard to envision an entire space from start to finish, but we have your back!

We start with an at home consult so we can see the spaces and your style first hand or help you figure out your style by asking questions and getting to know you.  Then, we get designing!  We will come up with a layout for furniture placement and the furniture options we recommend as well any accent walls that might breathe life in to a space and make it more unique.  

After pulling together lots of options and recommendations, we will come back to your home to walk through a detailed presentation with you.  That’s when we can really see what excites you and start paring it down to a finalized plan.  We love making your home a reflection of YOU in a designed and deliberate way!

Once everyone agrees on a plan, we manage the ordering and delivery process as well!  Once everything has arrived, we will schedule an Install.  This is the BEST DAY!  Seeing the rooms come together and fill up is so satisfying.  

Curating a space that felt pulled together and well thought out, as well as warm and livable was this families main goal for their living room.  We think we nailed it ;) 

2019-03.Hart&Lock.TrademarkBuilding.web (1 of 41).jpg
2019-03.Hart&Lock.TrademarkBuilding.web (4 of 41).jpg


So often, we hear “I have some furniture and accessories, the room just needs…more….”  This is one of the times you need a designer’s help the most!  We can help you take a room that you’ve started and can’t seem to pull together to the next level!  Sometimes you need a new furniture layout and some extra pieces, artwork and accessories.  Sometimes a new paint color, light fixture and a few extra accessories would do the trick.  Sometimes you have a great piece of art and want to design a room around it.  We have just the design service for you and would love to help push your rooms over the finish line.



Your home is where you spend so much of your time.  It’s where you make memories with your family.  It’s where you entertain your friends.  Make it a place you are proud to call HOME!  Making an investment in your home can seem daunting, but with our help, you can have a home worth spending time in, one you will love for years to come.  We incorporate elements that are timeless, yet modern, and very much YOU!

2017-08.HartandLock.1177RennesCt.web (16 of 40).jpg

Any of these reasons calling your name? 

Contact us! We’d love to chat with you and make your home beautiful!

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