Back to my roots...

I was fortunate enough to have an amazing teacher in high school that made a true impact on my life.  I think that is every teachers goal, and he truly exceeded that goal to many.  My art teacher was such an amazing artist himself.  He pushed me to choose difficult projects and explore several mediums. 

I had always loved to draw and paint as a kid but he took it to the next level.  I feel more in love with colored pencils than ever before.  As an animal lover so many of my projects consisted of some kind of furry creature.  Fast forward to my college days of being a art major.  I was forced to recreate still lifes, capture the beauty of the human body through live model sessions, and even explore the digital world.  

I worked hard to prefect my craft, and in the process oil paints became my go to over and over.  Now that drawing and painting are my hobby, my love for horses is definitely easy to spot.  Those beautiful creatures are by far my favorite thing to paint!

Being an art major made me explore my creativity in a whole new way that I use in every design project.  Color and composition on a canvas play the same role as they do in any room.  Some rooms are raw and neutral, some eclectic and fun, others buttoned up and classic, kind of like these 3 pretty ladies.